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I was a singer who wasn’t singing

Well, if you don’t count the shower, NYC karaoke bars and the occasional YouTube cover.

Music has been my passion for as long as I can remember, and yet I was treating it like a silly hobby.


Because I was too scared to have it be anything else.

But if you had asked me… I would have told you that “I don’t want to be a singer.”

This, my friends, is called denial. Though, like any good denialist (definitely not a word) I had no clue how in denial I actually was.

It wasn’t until I began coaching people around pursuing their passions that I realized I wasn’t pursuing mine.

Hello, mirror! Nice to meet you. Kinda.

And I got my act together. Quite literally:

This is my pop-punk band, Igloos…

We play around NYC and Brooklyn. An album and a tour are in the works.

And I couldn’t be more thrilled.

Now, let’s talk about coaching

Because I know that you know that you could be doing what you REALLY want to be doing… but there’s something in your way. As your coach, I will partner with you in discovering what that is, so that you can start moving toward having everything that you want.

The cool thing that happens when you start pursuing what you’re truly passionate about is: everything in your life begins to fall into alignment.

Coaching is not therapy. Coaching is not consulting. 

I’m not here to heal your wounds or give you expert advice. I’m trained in something very different: having a conversation that will completely change your life.

It’s scary. It’s confronting. It’s only for people who are ready for big changes.

Are you ready?

Let me know. 

Have you ever thought about writing a book?

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Yes, in fact I’ve written two. Ebooks. I took them offline when I changed my name and re-branded. I may release something new next year.

I'm curious as to how you deal with clients who's main struggle is money. That's what's holding them back. Not enough money to get a higher education and not enough money to hire a life coach. What's your suggestion then? And I don't mean like payment plans but more like actual life advice on how to move past the feeling of money holding them back. Hope this makes sense.

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Short answer: I coach them around it

Longer answer: Here’s the thing… you said it brilliantly - “the feeling of money holding them back” - it’s a feeling. It’s an experience. it’s one I won’t invalidate. I believe that you feel that way.

AND… my job as a coach is to not relate to your circumstances as real. Some people are not open to that conversation. Some people are. So, I ask if they are open to coaching around it. If they are, then we look at what’s really at the root of it.

The punchline is: it’s never actually about money.

Or time. That’s another awesome scapegoat we put in our way.

I’ve never had a client who didn’t have either a money or time objection. Ever.

It’s part of the process of getting hired. Ultimately, they get to choose what they want to do, but more importantly, who they want to be about the thing in their way.

The real kicker is: whatever they are putting in the way of hiring a coach is also the thing they put in the way of having the life they want. That’s a tough conversation. I piss people off all the time. But that’s my job and I’m well trained at it. And when someone allows it to, it completely changes their life.

And I’m willing to piss someone off if it changes their life.

Thanks for asking this fantastic question :)