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Grace and I went to the Streamy Awards years ago to do red carpet coverage for mdc.

I remember us feeling like the unpopular kids at the prom as we watched iJustine and Smosh stroll by. We were sat a few rows behind them and a handful of other popular youtubers.

We watched people go up and accept their awards… I turned to Grace at one point and said “you’ll be up there very soon.”


Boundaries (aka aaaaah I hate this)

So, boundaries have always been an issue for me. Mostly, I’ve just never had any. I say “yes” to everything, have an incredibly difficult time saying “no” (even when I have a “good reason”) and can pretty much roll with any shitty situation (which is a skill I’ve developed out of necessity - as I am unable to say no in the first place).

And this is ready to shift.

I am super aware of how this isn’t working for me. Not in my marriage, my friendships, my business, you name it. And so I find that, lately, I’m being tested…

I’ve had so many situations come up in the past two weeks that occur like the universe slapping me in the face and saying “You want to practice setting boundaries? Well here’s your chance!”

Yesterday (Tuesday) it was so ridiculously in my face it was comical.

I had a few free hours to get a bunch of things done for my business. And then I had to pack and prepare for my business trip to San Diego (I’m traveling as I write this, Wednesday morning)

Suddenly, my phone started blowing up. Texts from clients, colleagues, family members.

Hey do you have a second?
Hey can you call me?
Hey what’s the status of that project?
Hey when can we get lunch?
Hey can you take a look at my website and give me feedback?
Hey what are you doing tonight?!

Heaven help me. I need to say no to literally everyone and focus on what I said I would do for these two hours: work on MY business.

I took some deep breaths and decided I needed to just keep going. Then I get this text from Matt from Igloos: “I’m working on a new song, come over!!!”

Oh my god. At this point I feel like I’m taking crazy pills. Why why why. Why today?!

See, my big challenge right now is balancing my coaching work with music. I believe in my heart that one doesn’t need to negate the other. When I get scared, I think I need to quit one in order to have the other. But that belief is limiting for me and it’s something I’ve decided not to buy into.

And so… Tempt me, Universe! Go ahead.

I get that I’ve requested a shift and the only way for this to change is for me to practice something new. So, thanks for all the opportunities. It’s a bit painful. I liken it to a thorough teeth cleaning. But I know that it’ll get easier the more I practice saying no.

And it’s only just begun.


I still think about this video a lot and I still wonder, does Elias watch Glee.
Will we ever find out?

Also gracehelbig went through a lot of emotions/head thoughts on this vid. From glee to tits to pooing pussies to dance moms + more…. It was a whirlwind experience really